How It All Started- Beginning Of DC And Marvel Comics

We have all at least once in our life have read a comic book and have been fascinated by it. That is the magic of story telling with great illustration which makes the comics come to life. I have myself been a huge comic book fan since my childhood and I still fondly remember the days I used to wait anxiously for the new issue to every week or month. And once I got the book in my hand I would start and finish reading it within few minutes. Only after that would I realise that this is it, now have to wait for another month or week for new issue to arrive. But that wouldn’t stop me from reading the next issue with same issue with same speed lol. I am sure you all had your own such experience in your life,, weather you are  a batman fan or Spider-man. In this article we are going to cover every aspect of comic world right from the beginning to the end, from Marvel, DC to Star Wars. We will not leave anything behind. You may Write in the contacts options your story about how you remember your days with comics.

History of comics

Every hero has a begining and so does our beloved comic books. Can you imagine how the world would have been if comics were never made? It sounds very boring doesn’t it? Thankfully it isn’t so and we do have them. If you thought superman was the first comic strip story then I feel sorry for you lol? (Kidding.) Because the history of comic stories can be traced back to hold your breath 110 AD Rome! If Rome had Trojan’s column then Egypt had its share of story telling through graphics in heiroglyps. Those scripts can still be found on the stones they were Carved in. Even in Bible image sketch was widely used to spread the word of Christianity as there were very few who could read or write in those days. But it wasn’t until printing press was invented that movable comics were produced and distributed as a form from entertainment. The first ever published author was William Hogarth in the 16th century, one of his works A Reek’s Progress was composed over 6 Canvas and it made one narrative.

However it was only in the 19th century that those were published as a comic strip and they started getting regularly printing as a series. In the 1920 such comics saw a bigger boom and publisher’s started targeting younger audience of kids and youth with stories such as The Adventures Of Tintin, The Dandy and The Beano. And in the mid 1930’s came the Action Comic which Featured Superman in its cover of the first edition. Instantly it become a hit and thus was born the era of superheroes which would last until the present day. Around the same time another comics magazine debuted with the name Detective Comics which introduced one of the most popular Comic hero ever Batman. Later Detective Comics turned into DC comics and under its umbrella we saw the birth of many superheroes such as FLASH, Aquaman, Green Lantern are many more. This was considered as the golden age of Comics which lasted untill 1954.

New age of Comics

Rebirth of comics can be said that it started After 19060’s when Marvel made its entry into this world of superheroes. It launched in 1961 with the introduction of fantastic four written by Stan Lee, with illustration and script by stive ditko and kirb. It was a instant success and then came a stream of many different characters such as Spider-Man, iron man, doctor strange and many more.


Thus started the big ever going competition between Marvel and DC comics for supremacy as who is the best. The fight resulted in two groups being formed among the fan base and accusing one copying the other. However DC was pretty much more popular then Marvel and they managed to get into animation and live action entertainment Before Marvel. But it was just temporary because Stan Lee was burning midnight oil to get the best stories and soon it started paying off. Soon Marvel comics was giving DC a run for its money with its own animation and TV shows.

Superheroes in Moving pictures

But since the 1980’s comics started to go have hard time to get readers. With the new age of Hollywood sci-fi movies and introduction of video games kids got other entertainment mediums. And soon the creators got to know that just making books weren’t enough anymore and they had to go the next step. And so  DC started pushing it’s most popular character Superman Movie one after the other. Then came Batman, both were pretty successful but they never tried to bring any other superheroes on the celeloid screen.

This could be why even after almost 85 years they are still the most known characters from their umbrella. Whereas Marvel were more adventurous in their silver screen exploits and started rolling out many different movies one after the other since 1990. But they tasted success only after a decade in 2001 with Spider-Man which was a blockbuster and got great reviews. And then there was no looking back for Marvel as they brought one after the other superheroes on the silver screen. While at the same time DC got behind with their big screen ventures after Superman returns bombed at the box office but Batman still gave them something to cheer about.

Cinematic universe

Cinematic universe is something that is referred to when different stories are connected to each other and it was started by Marvel entertainment in 2008 with Iron man. It was the first movie in the ongoing Marvel Cinematic universes and it turned out to be just what the audience wanted. It was the perfect setup for all the movies that came after like Thor, Captain America, incredible Hulk and finally all coming together in Avengers in 2012. This is supposed to end with Avengers infinity Stone that is scheduled for release in 2019. While DC started its own DCEU in 2013 with Man Of Steel and Batman vs Superman that came in 2016. Although it Did not recieve the same reception from audience or critic like MCU they still when ahead and continued the series with Suicide Squad. But it is only now After Wonder Woman that DC seems to have finally hit the bulls eye with both critics and Fans. So guys get ready Because in the future is going to be very excited with lots of Superhero movies scheduled in the next 5 years from both DC and MC.

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