10 Best Superhero Movies No Avengers Is Not No.1

Superhero Movies have been ruling the box office for more than a decade now. What was once considered as a children’s online genre has now become the biggest addiction from Hollywood filmakers. And it went it’s top gear after Disney acquired Marvel Entertainment in 2009 for a whopping $9 billion. Since then they have released more than 10 movies and all have been blockbusters. At the same time DC which is owned by WB movies is slowly making its own presence felt with some not so critically acclaimed but commercial films. Here we have listed top 10 superhero movies from 2000 until 2016.

10 X-Men

X-MEN first movie was released in 2001 and it started the journey of Huge Jackman who would play the role of Wolverine for the next 16 years. This movie was the first movie in X-Men series that was released by Fox after it acquired the rights. The Movie was directed by Brian Singer and was commercially and critically well recieved. The story revolved around how Wolverine got into the X-Men team. Magneto was the main villian of the film played Amazingly by Ian McKellen. Personally I loved the film but unfortunately for next few Movie they they could not match the same standard.

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