Suicide Squad 1-3 2016

“The Black Vault” section one! At the point when a secretive and unquestionably super-vital grandiose thing drops out of the sky and into foe hands, America has just a single choice: Task Force X, Amanda Waller’s strike group of imprisoned super-offenders. A one-stop-look for conceivably deniable undercover work and ultra-brutality, this “Suicide Squad” just handles missions they’re not anticipated that would survive. A crazy new period of SUICIDE SQUAD starts here with genius craftsman Jim Lee and intensely hot author Rob Williams. What was intended to be a normal mission to recover an “astronomical thing” from an undersea stronghold has turned into a bad dream past anything the Suicide Squad at any point anticipated. What’s more, with a large portion of the group down, it’s dependent upon Harley Quinn, Katana, and an evil presence had visual architect named June Moore to spare the Squad from the most hazardous man in the DC Universe. Truth is stranger than fiction… they’re screwed.

6 months ago

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