Silver Surfer – Parable (1998)

A star tumbles to earth. Frenzy grasps the planet as humanity gets ready for its unavoidable end. In any case, the star is a ship, and inside is a divine being. All he asks is worship. Overcome with alleviation, man hurries to comply. There is just a single voice of contradiction that won’t be hushed: the Silver Surfer, who perceives the “god” as his previous ace. Be that as it may, why has Galactus urged humanity to survive to his darkest nature? From Stan Lee and Moebius, one of France’s living fortunes, comes a charming story of man’s indiscretion and respectability. Furthermore: Almost every legend on Earth has fallen before the unforeseen energy of Mrrungo-Mu, the outsider pioneer of the Enslavers. All with the exception of the Silver Surfer. In any case, what chance does even he have against such power?

5 months ago

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