Generations – Hawkeye & Hawkeye #1 (2017)

TWO ARCHERS. ONE-SHOT. Kate Bishop, A.K.A. Hawkeye, gets herself smack-spot amidst a fight imperial between the world’s most gifted sharpshooters — including a mysteriously youthful Clint Barton, A.K.A. the OTHER Hawkeye. The prize? Gloating rights for being named the best, obviously — gracious, and you get the chance to remain alive! Lamentably for Clint, a few of his rivals are lowlifess he’s brought down, making HIM an essential target. Along these lines, over making sense of where and WHEN she is, Kate must figure out how to win this little challenge of aptitudes and keep her not really old buddy Clint out of the line of sight… simple, peasy.

5 months ago

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